NOKIA Mobile to compete with apple iphone3G

To be in competition with iphone 3g from apple NOKIA releasing N96 a killer look one smart phone.5 megapixel camera.16GB size (scalable to 32GB).3.5 mm head phone connectorbuiltin 3D sterio speakers.videos fromsites like youtube ,maps with location details,It is a simple multimedia computer with 2.8'' screen.With KICK STAND you can view with your hands free.expected price Rs.35,000.


NOKIA8800 new stylish stunning look

NOKIA is going to add a new look to the 8800 with head turning carbon arte.this new look achieved with a combination of polished glass,fibre(carbon) and combines 3.2 megapixel camera, 4GB memory , OLED display. It is a 3G phone.So NOKIA expects this will hit the market with its new stylish and stell surfaced clock ready but wait until it is released by NOKIA .


APPLE iphone 3G receptions problems???

Update with the OS 2.0.2 a software update which
will make things better for said that it will solve the problems for many
users. and some are still not satisfied.So try the software update and find you are solved or
not solved list of users.

A latest report on Advertising with mobile phones

Don't underestimate the power of messages on your mobiles.
A recent report on Mobile Advertising showed that it is one of the biggest source of reaching your customers through a simple message into their mobiles.

The report was based for the US,UK and India .The form of mobile advertising is not only in Text message format but also banner adds in
mobile compatibility websites and banner adds on sites that are mostly viewed on mobiles byusers and also interactive games, games downloading type adds.

85 percent in India, 51 percent in the UK,and 37 percent in the US people recalling the adds which they received through their mobiles.

Text messages:- The most common advertising format.74% mobile phone users in India use text messaging ,this is 48 percent in the UK and 22 percent in the US. In the UK 16 percent, 8 percent in the US and 4 percent of those in India are responding advertising through mobiles compared with Radio adds which are having a good range in the add sources.

The Mobile Advertising Report(MAR) was released by Limbo, one of the largest mobile social communities in the US, and GfK Technology, a leading market search agency.

So what you may think !!! give an add of your product or service through mobile as textmessage.
That's the mobile's addpower!!!