Will Google Android overcome Apple’s iPhone?

Days are mobile os days!. As Google came with operating system for mobile (android) the competition between mobile manufacturers come to the customer happy days. Much competition between companies will ultimately give the mobile users more offers and more features (Unique features or imitations?!!). Without the iPhone we wouldn't have a Google android "iPhone" competitor so be happy.

Definitely we should agree with that apple made a new trend in smart phones, complaints against iphones are also existed regarding its costly maintenance and limited world (Apple controls the software, hardware and apps...)And some complaints regarding 6 hour battery backup failures, dropped calls experienced by some customers but it introduced a trend in smart phone arena. The keyboard does leave a bit to be desired but that is more a function of some large fingers than the keys themselves and the device self corrects words for them so that makes it almost a non-issue. Biggest Iphone flaw is the expensive service.

Some customers feel that more than Apple, its AT&T that bothers them, with "unlimited" data plans that are not really unlimited. If iPhone is offered to other carriers that would be a very good thing for them.

The touch screen technology existed on HTC phones prior to iPhone but Google os comes with HTC(whose 70% of smart phones, touch screens are windows mobile os based, You know them under a variety of names offered by Verizon, AT&T. The HTC Touch HD is powered by a Windows Mobile operating system) and t-mobile communications it is a needed look whether it will do overcome of iphone or not. Many complaints are there also for HTC mobiles let us look at a customers voice” I have the HTC Touch through Sprint and it isn't any good. It always freezes, when it's on stand by and the screen isn't on, calls, texts, and e-mails don't come through until I turn the screen on. I've already had one replacement and I'm just tired of dealing with it, I went back to my old school phone.”

And some are against this by saying “HTC got good quality of products. I had one of the HTC touch screen phone from AT&T and I like it a lot. I am looking forward for the new HTC phone”

Some are suspecting that “Ad driven phone “will be the Google’s phone main policy.
And some are satisfied with smart phones from other manufacturers like Sony Erricson, Samsung etc.

When it finally comes to about cost Iphone $199 so Gphone also near to this and 23sep2008 may we here some news regarding Gphone But until now Google, HTC and T-Mobile USA declined comment on the pricing for the phone. The price will also need to be right, given that companies like Palm and Samsung already offer entry-level smart phones for $100.will Google new will be with more providers? $100 minimum monthly service rate?

But some intelligents thought that first is with some errors let us wait and see the results
and then we can buy it !

Let me know your guess on the design of Google phone among these 4 types

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NOKIA Mobile to compete with apple iphone3G

To be in competition with iphone 3g from apple NOKIA releasing N96 a killer look one smart phone.5 megapixel camera.16GB size (scalable to 32GB).3.5 mm head phone connectorbuiltin 3D sterio speakers.videos fromsites like youtube ,maps with location details,It is a simple multimedia computer with 2.8'' screen.With KICK STAND you can view with your hands free.expected price Rs.35,000.


NOKIA8800 new stylish stunning look

NOKIA is going to add a new look to the 8800 with head turning carbon arte.this new look achieved with a combination of polished glass,fibre(carbon) and titanium.it combines 3.2 megapixel camera, 4GB memory , OLED display. It is a 3G phone.So NOKIA expects this will hit the market with its new stylish and stell surfaced clock ready but wait until it is released by NOKIA .


APPLE iphone 3G receptions problems???

Update with the OS 2.0.2 a software update which
will make things better for you.apple said that it will solve the problems for many
users. and some are still not satisfied.So try the software update and find you are solved or
not solved list of users.

A latest report on Advertising with mobile phones

Don't underestimate the power of messages on your mobiles.
A recent report on Mobile Advertising showed that it is one of the biggest source of reaching your customers through a simple message into their mobiles.

The report was based for the US,UK and India .The form of mobile advertising is not only in Text message format but also banner adds in
mobile compatibility websites and banner adds on sites that are mostly viewed on mobiles byusers and also interactive games, games downloading type adds.

85 percent in India, 51 percent in the UK,and 37 percent in the US people recalling the adds which they received through their mobiles.

Text messages:- The most common advertising format.74% mobile phone users in India use text messaging ,this is 48 percent in the UK and 22 percent in the US. In the UK 16 percent, 8 percent in the US and 4 percent of those in India are responding advertising through mobiles compared with Radio adds which are having a good range in the add sources.

The Mobile Advertising Report(MAR) was released by Limbo, one of the largest mobile social communities in the US, and GfK Technology, a leading market search agency.

So what you may think !!! give an add of your product or service through mobile as textmessage.
That's the mobile's addpower!!!

Low price cheap mobile phones

low price mobiles:-
If you thought that mobile is only for communication,it is not ment for passionate ringtones,one touch
camera,morethan 1GB memory ,extendable meory options and spicy FM radio and dual sim with morebattery backup!!!

Then you might thought of low price mobiles with good
contacts cpable list,battery backup,and security when you
loose it.

Yes ofcourse may be it is not only your requirement but
also people who tired with all riging technology and want
to be alone from all these running trends for atlest some
time in near future definately their wish also not costs .!
They and you can look on cheap mobiles available at
affordable low prices in the mobile market today.

Here is my work for you to find what out the cheap
mobile phones in the market today
.And the prices are upto
be accurate when i did my work.May be their prices slightly
less than the prices listed below.Have your mobiles
according to you wishes.This list also helpful to those who wants to buy a mobile for their children or want a mobiles to their girl
friend(s) listingso that they can satisfy their girl(s) and
their purse in the pocket also!!!:)

1)Nokia 1110(Rs.1345 / $30aprx):-It gives talktime upto
5hours, standbytime: upto 380 hours. GSM, with Speakerphone facility.
2)Nokia1200(Rs.1240):-It gives talktime upto 7hours, standbytime: upto 390 hours GSM, NO Speakerphone facility.
3)Nokia1208 (Rs.1510) :-It gives talktime upto 7hours, standbytime: upto 365 hours GSM,Speakerphone facility.


1)F305 coming soon
talk & text phone with FM radio,more
storing in memory
2)J230i(Rs.2650 / $ 65.27 aprox.): with MMS,FM Radio
3)J200i(Rs.2575 / $63.42 aprx):Camera,VideoCapture,MMS, No
FM Radio.
4)J120i(Rs.1775/$43.72 aprx):FM radio facility,GSM.

Note: Above allare text phones and only some are fm radio
1)c160(Rs.1800/ $44.33 aprox. ):- with FM radio
2)C170(Rs.2100 / $51.72 aprox):-FM RADIO AVAILABLE.
1)MOTOFONE F3( Rs.1000 /$ 24.63 aprox ):-NO FM Radio
2)W205 ( Rs.1500 /$ 36.95 aprox):- NO FM Radio.


1)G5600:- Camera-640x480 Sepia, B&W, Normal pixels Polyphonic 40 tones,1 MB of memory is shared
dynamically with Infrared NO FM radio
2)G5400 :- with Infrared NO FM radio.

New mobile phones

A new samsung mobile handset is released :-
From Samsung a SPH-M310 slash mobile of slider type is released

It weights about 84.7 gm and size is 97*46*16.8mm.
its capable of providing 65k colours 128*160 pixels
3.5 hours of talk time is capable
When coming to ringtones polyphonic ringtones is supported,a voice recorder is there

But no voice command , fm radio(some people felt unhappy me too).

Intrestingly bluetooth,USB support is there.

you can store upto 499 phonebook records(not enough ? :))

and finally the RAM capacity is 32MB.

new samsung mobile phone

SGH D900i and SGH D840 were also introduced
SGH E840 :-
slimmed slide-up metallic phone ,full mirror LCD, hidden touch keypad and 2.22" wide TFT LCD screen.
The phone used premium materials such as tempered glass and metal preferred by many users .
2 mega pixel camera, FM Radio, MP3 player, Mobile printing, document viewer and 70 MB internal memory with expandable microSD T flash external memory (upto 2GB).

SGH D900i :-
12.9mm slim slider-artistically designed metal lining body
multimedia features :- 3 mega pixel camera - 262K color screen, Bluetooth- stereo headset- FM Radio- New camera UI- enhanced battery life - speedy shutter.
Intresting thing
Worlds Best Mobile phone D900 for 2007 (as declared at GSM Association's Global
Mobile Award).

SGH D840:-

Metal series- 2 Megapixel Camera- MP3 player with integrated dual speaker- multi-format music player for listening music on your Bluetooth stereo headsets wirelessly -80 MB of internal memory - external microSD memory.

All the Metal Series phones are secured with revolutionary mobile tracker, emergency SMS alert and privacy lock that provides peace of mind to mobile consumer



Before Using GSM settings for your mobile let us know some facts about GSM and CDMA technologies:-

GSM and CDMA are the two main digital technologies that cell phone carriers use to transmit calls. Of the major operators, Airtel, Idea, Hutch (Vodafone now) and BSNL use GSM, while TATA Indicom and Reliance use CDMA. There is also exists another technology called iDEN, but it is not popular in mobile operators of India.
Since GSM and CDMA transmit calls using different methods, they are incompatible, so a phone used on one network cannot be used on another. And while there are some complex variations, on a more surface level, each technology offers distinct advantages to consumers.

GSM is the dominant cell phone technology globally. GSM is the standard in Europe, but it's also present in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean.
So GSM is a much better choice for global travelers who want to take their phone when they go abroad. GSM phones also use SIM cards, which make it much easier to switch your phone number and contacts list between two handsets.

CDMA is used in fewer regions around the world, but it has a very strong footprint in the United States. In fact, its national coverage area here is larger than GSM when you take into account analog networks. Though they won't be around forever, analog networks provide better coverage in rural areas. Also, CDMA carriers have been quicker about rolling out 3G networks. Though the GSM players will catch up eventually, they lag behind as of now.

Here are the gsm settings for the mobiles in India

Airtel, airtel live, BSNL, Vodafone (Hutch), and Idea

Manual Airtel Gprs Settings

1. Homepage - any page you want to set.
2. User Name - Blank
3. Password - Blank
4. Proxy - Enabled/yes.
5. Proxy and Server Address -
6. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
7. Data bearer - GPRS or Packet Data.
8. Access Point Name - airtelgprs.com
9. Authentication Type - Normal
10. Use preferred access point - No

Manual Airtel live settings
1. Account Name - Airtel_live
2. Homepage - http://live.airtelworld.com
3. Username - Blank
4. Password - Blank
5. Proxy - Enabled/yes
6. Proxy and Server Address -
7. Access point Name - airtelfun.com
8. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
9. Data bearer - GPRS/ Packet Data
10. Authentication Type - Normal

Manual BSNL Gprs Settings
1. Account Name - BPL WAP
2. Username -
3. Password -
4. Proxy - Enabled/yes
5. Homepage - http://wap.mizone.bplmobile.com
6. Proxy and Server address -
7. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
8. Access Point Name - mizone
9. Data bearer - GPRS/ Packet data
10. Authentication Type - Normal

Manual Hutch (Vodafone) Gprs Settings

1. Account Name - Hutch_GPRS
2. User Name - Blank
3. Password - Blank
4. Proxy - Enabled/yes
5. Access Point Name - portalnmms
6. Full Internet Access Point Name - www
7. Proxy and Server address -
8. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
9. Homepage - http://hutchworld.co.in
10. Authentication Type - Normal

Manual Idea Gprs Settings
1. Account Name - idea_GPRS
2. Username - Blank
3. Password - Blank
4. Homepage - http://wap.ideafresh.com
5. Proxy and Server Port - 8080
6. Proxy and Server address -
7. Data bearer - GPRS / Packet data
8. Access Point Name - imis
9. Proxy - Enabled/yes
10. Authentication Type - Normal

More Information:-

You can use GSM tricks software