Low price cheap mobile phones

low price mobiles:-
If you thought that mobile is only for communication,it is not ment for passionate ringtones,one touch
camera,morethan 1GB memory ,extendable meory options and spicy FM radio and dual sim with morebattery backup!!!

Then you might thought of low price mobiles with good
contacts cpable list,battery backup,and security when you
loose it.

Yes ofcourse may be it is not only your requirement but
also people who tired with all riging technology and want
to be alone from all these running trends for atlest some
time in near future definately their wish also not costs .!
They and you can look on cheap mobiles available at
affordable low prices in the mobile market today.

Here is my work for you to find what out the cheap
mobile phones in the market today
.And the prices are upto
be accurate when i did my work.May be their prices slightly
less than the prices listed below.Have your mobiles
according to you wishes.This list also helpful to those who wants to buy a mobile for their children or want a mobiles to their girl
friend(s) listingso that they can satisfy their girl(s) and
their purse in the pocket also!!!:)

1)Nokia 1110(Rs.1345 / $30aprx):-It gives talktime upto
5hours, standbytime: upto 380 hours. GSM, with Speakerphone facility.
2)Nokia1200(Rs.1240):-It gives talktime upto 7hours, standbytime: upto 390 hours GSM, NO Speakerphone facility.
3)Nokia1208 (Rs.1510) :-It gives talktime upto 7hours, standbytime: upto 365 hours GSM,Speakerphone facility.


1)F305 coming soon
talk & text phone with FM radio,more
storing in memory
2)J230i(Rs.2650 / $ 65.27 aprox.): with MMS,FM Radio
3)J200i(Rs.2575 / $63.42 aprx):Camera,VideoCapture,MMS, No
FM Radio.
4)J120i(Rs.1775/$43.72 aprx):FM radio facility,GSM.

Note: Above allare text phones and only some are fm radio
1)c160(Rs.1800/ $44.33 aprox. ):- with FM radio
2)C170(Rs.2100 / $51.72 aprox):-FM RADIO AVAILABLE.
1)MOTOFONE F3( Rs.1000 /$ 24.63 aprox ):-NO FM Radio
2)W205 ( Rs.1500 /$ 36.95 aprox):- NO FM Radio.


1)G5600:- Camera-640x480 Sepia, B&W, Normal pixels Polyphonic 40 tones,1 MB of memory is shared
dynamically with Infrared NO FM radio
2)G5400 :- with Infrared NO FM radio.

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