Quick guide-mobile phone safety risks for children and Parents

Quick guide-mobile phone safety risks for children and Parents  
                                                Let me tell you  a joke that a hotel receptionist not responds to a visitor who is before her desk, as she is busy with phone calls, upon seeing that hotel reception number that person calls her and she responds to him and asks him to attend the hotel reception desk for more details, and that man says “all ready I am here”. 
This creative joke tells how communication devices are part of our lives and we all agree that we can’t live without them in our regular life. The technology always provides two options in any areas, one is the uses of it and the second one is how we use it! 
It is common that parents are facing regular demand from children to buy them a latest model. Economics of the parents place an important role in acceptance those demands. 
However there is a role of mobile phones in providing regular communication with our near and dear ones. In previous days we are not able to travel to our dear ones in regular basis. That postal department placed a crucial role in communicate with our dears and relatives. Of course those days are gone and we experienced a lot of connect with postal stamps and covering letters. Coming to now days it is everyone’s life part that having a communicating device is unavoidable. 
As we understand the communication importance, everyone is buying mobile phones according to their NEEDS. It is not wrong to buy a latest technology phone if it really places an important place in our office tasks and meeting. Of course coming out of the shop with latest mobile phone or receiving the delivery of our online order of mobile phone it is quite common that a latest mobile phone is coming into market or the price of the mobile phone you bought is dropped L 
While buying a mobile we have to also check for the antivirus software, and various apps that are useful for our needs (some apps provide the reference to unknown numbers and those apps helps us in knowing that whether that calls is worth to answer) 
Children concerns: children always think big and the discussion regarding buying a new mobile is also BIG! Days are like that can’t blame anyone. 
  Buying a mobile phone to children according to their need, wish is not a big deal if it is affordable. Yet some instructions from parents side to them as a helping aid or pre advice is necessary. Sometimes the communication through mobile phones misleading the situations and they are ended in panic. So. 
1. Advise them to properly charge the mobile device 
2. Don't answer to unknown or suspicious mobile number 
3. If any cyberbullying is going on them advise them to immediately to parents or proper persons near to them. (Most cases the cyberbully is a near known one / known through internet) 
4. It is not wise to give their mobile phone to other people. (We are responsible for the calls or messages going through our mobile phones) 
5. Don't give your mobile phone number or chat ids to unknown or Untrusted people. 
Parents can’t ignore: that mobile phones place an important role in being a socialized days so maybe the children feel they are getting to far from the friends if parent strictly ignore their needs and deeds. 
For parentswhile buying a mobile phone for your parents  
1.tell them don’t answer any questions in conversation with calls that introduce themselves as bank or a specified authority and may ask for bank details like credit, debit card or the address where they are living by offering a gift hamper etc., 
Our lives are important gift than any other gift hampers. 
2. charging of a mobile phone is also important to them (in case of emergency we don’t have to the mobile charging low problems) 
So buy a mobile phone that offer a good charging promise. 
3. If latest phone or any understandable technical phone is bought for them they may place difficulty to get used to it. So the technology of the mobile phone needs to meet their needs. 
4. It is advisable that don’t change their mobile phones frequently with your phones. They may face some difficulties in changing models. So place a separate dedicated phone to them  
Let them have a good time with their mobile phone devices  
This concludes with mobile phone safety and risk factors for children and parents 
Hope this useful to you…if found any other things need to be added here don’t hesitate to comment bellow. 
Thanks for coming here and reading my views keep coming …have a nice day and hope some discounts on mobiles available to you while you are buying a mobile phone for your children or parents 
Keep Smiling..:) 

In Detail: Incognito Privacy Browsing

If you are using a shared gadget you may wanted your browsing details should be private or even though it is your own gadget you might want your browsing history should not be seen by others.
What you really want is “private browsing” which allows your browsing history not known to others. let’s see what options are there to delete browsing history…
For desktop users: if you are using chrome browser locate yourself to the top right corner and observe the three dots, click it and then you can see the third item in the list “New incognito window”( shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+N) click it and it will give you a new window and the window appearance automatically ignites you that it is a incognito window and your browsing history will not saved and * No one will able to see your search history and your download list automatically deleted as soon as you closed the window.Note:don’t worry about your downloaded items they are not deleted and you can observe them in the download location of your browser, if you are using shared device like public system you can copy the items to your portable drive and you may wish to delete that file(s) from   storage drive.
The names in other browsers are as below and the method of incognito browsing is same.
“Private Browsing“- Safari
“Private Browsing”- Mozilla Firefox
In Private Browsing - Internet Explorer
* even though you are using incognito browsing your administrator/employer will be able to see your browsing data.

Delete Browsing History on Google for Mobiles

A simple  swipe left and delete does the things for you: go to your Google account Tap the search bar, the items from your recent history shown .swipe left the items you don’t want to shown and select delete. That’s It.!!
To completely delete browsing history: Tap the search bar , opt for View search history locate to the top right, clear all -> Clear on-device history.
It will solve the problem!
If you don’t want your history to be saved, then in your Google account Tap on your profile initial or image, go to PRIVACY->HISTORY and Turnoff the on device history and then choose the DONE on the top right.
For android users :Open your chrome app, and the process is click on the
 3 dots -> History
At the bottom you can see Clear Browsing Data Tap it, then you can see the Browsing history option then Tap on Clear data .it will solve the issue.
If you want to delete particular items only :

Uncheck the BOX next to Browsing history .it will then give you option to check the items you want to delete. So check the boxes next to the pages and then Tap on Clear data. That solves the issue.

  Did you know My Activity option on your Google account

Solved: how to Delete Bowsing history on Google

 My Activity in Google is the place where your search history is stored. This is useful if you are using different systems and you are moving between different places. If you searched for a topic and the results are pretty useful but forgot to bookmark it, or you think that your last week search on Google gave you good results and you want to revise that search once again all you have to do is place yourself in Google My Activity page, There you can find the browsing history related your Google account.
PS:  you should have browse with your Google account in order to save your search activity in Google My Activity page. I.e. first you need to login in to Gmail and then search in Google which makes that activity able to store in My Activity page
Details in images: shows how to"delete browsing history on google" 

delete browsing history on Google