In Detail: Incognito Privacy Browsing

If you are using a shared gadget you may wanted your browsing details should be private or even though it is your own gadget you might want your browsing history should not be seen by others.
What you really want is “private browsing” which allows your browsing history not known to others. let’s see what options are there to delete browsing history…
For desktop users: if you are using chrome browser locate yourself to the top right corner and observe the three dots, click it and then you can see the third item in the list “New incognito window”( shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+N) click it and it will give you a new window and the window appearance automatically ignites you that it is a incognito window and your browsing history will not saved and * No one will able to see your search history and your download list automatically deleted as soon as you closed the window.Note:don’t worry about your downloaded items they are not deleted and you can observe them in the download location of your browser, if you are using shared device like public system you can copy the items to your portable drive and you may wish to delete that file(s) from   storage drive.
The names in other browsers are as below and the method of incognito browsing is same.
“Private Browsing“- Safari
“Private Browsing”- Mozilla Firefox
In Private Browsing - Internet Explorer
* even though you are using incognito browsing your administrator/employer will be able to see your browsing data.

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