Will Google Android overcome Apple’s iPhone?

Days are mobile os days!. As Google came with operating system for mobile (android) the competition between mobile manufacturers come to the customer happy days. Much competition between companies will ultimately give the mobile users more offers and more features (Unique features or imitations?!!). Without the iPhone we wouldn't have a Google android "iPhone" competitor so be happy.

Definitely we should agree with that apple made a new trend in smart phones, complaints against iphones are also existed regarding its costly maintenance and limited world (Apple controls the software, hardware and apps...)And some complaints regarding 6 hour battery backup failures, dropped calls experienced by some customers but it introduced a trend in smart phone arena. The keyboard does leave a bit to be desired but that is more a function of some large fingers than the keys themselves and the device self corrects words for them so that makes it almost a non-issue. Biggest Iphone flaw is the expensive service.

Some customers feel that more than Apple, its AT&T that bothers them, with "unlimited" data plans that are not really unlimited. If iPhone is offered to other carriers that would be a very good thing for them.

The touch screen technology existed on HTC phones prior to iPhone but Google os comes with HTC(whose 70% of smart phones, touch screens are windows mobile os based, You know them under a variety of names offered by Verizon, AT&T. The HTC Touch HD is powered by a Windows Mobile operating system) and t-mobile communications it is a needed look whether it will do overcome of iphone or not. Many complaints are there also for HTC mobiles let us look at a customers voice” I have the HTC Touch through Sprint and it isn't any good. It always freezes, when it's on stand by and the screen isn't on, calls, texts, and e-mails don't come through until I turn the screen on. I've already had one replacement and I'm just tired of dealing with it, I went back to my old school phone.”

And some are against this by saying “HTC got good quality of products. I had one of the HTC touch screen phone from AT&T and I like it a lot. I am looking forward for the new HTC phone”

Some are suspecting that “Ad driven phone “will be the Google’s phone main policy.
And some are satisfied with smart phones from other manufacturers like Sony Erricson, Samsung etc.

When it finally comes to about cost Iphone $199 so Gphone also near to this and 23sep2008 may we here some news regarding Gphone But until now Google, HTC and T-Mobile USA declined comment on the pricing for the phone. The price will also need to be right, given that companies like Palm and Samsung already offer entry-level smart phones for $100.will Google new will be with more providers? $100 minimum monthly service rate?

But some intelligents thought that first is with some errors let us wait and see the results
and then we can buy it !

Let me know your guess on the design of Google phone among these 4 types

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