Apple iPhone shattered

Apple's iphone shattered

A first complaint claimed against Apple iphone, that it shattered on a French teenager’s face. According to his mother “my son’s girlfriend iphone shattered and he is observed a sound before it shattered.”

This is the first incident regarding Apple iphone .But sources said that this is NOT first claiming regarding Apple’s products. A number of ipods staged into smoke, damaged the property BUT Apple’s lawyers managed them in the documents from the sunlight.
The number might be for around 15 ipods

But all the incidents are out of serious injuries, and the reason for the incident observed because of "excited (overheated) lithium ion batteries".

Read the section how to careful while charging iphone :

1. While charging don’t make or receive calls. (Better to switch off at that time).
2. Remove any case before charging to prevent overheating and shorter battery life. Like Rebeltouch etc.
3. Don’t use iPhone while the temperature warning screen is displayed except to make an emergency call.

P.S: If you don’t follow warning signal iPhone automatically goes into a deep sleep mode until it cools. You cannot even make an emergency call when iPhone is in this mode. Move iPhone to a cooler location and wait a few minutes before trying to use iPhone again"

Be careful regarding some unnatural sounds while you are using any model mobile phone. Because many mobiles make sounds while they are going to damaged.

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