Apple iphone shattered .. Cntd..


So what’s up! The crowd of news gathered some more.

As we advised you earlier that a sharp sibilant sound is an indicator for us to care our self from the damage caused by any mobile equipment. Even Apple also advised this in their earlier reaction to the shattering news to the mobiles.

So we once again advice you if you heard that hissing noise please feel yourself to away from the mobile even if you are in the middle of conversation even with your .) also because your partner agrees to give preference to your safe compared to the conversation of that time.

But still the people who think that media(even blogs) are over reacting to the news and some go a step forward on this and says “these are isolated incidents and that there is not a general problem(By Apple )”, some are claiming Gates(yes! you are right Microsoft gates only!) and etc., but that some undisclosed documents signed by the people who got damaged there mobiles because of this shattering , a car seat also(as the mobile is on the seat at that time) .got refund from the apple .

So without fire no smog will come! Believe it or NOT!(0f c0urse the competitors will try to get benefit fr0m It! )

This is not the first time that mobiles are exploding.The same situation faced by NOKIA a 2years ago in India. And it replaced the batteries with the new one So for apple if the shattering is because of battery over heated (99.990% problems are because of overheat) may be it will identify the battery series and will replace with the new ones.

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