Business voip phone from Skype(Belkin wifi phone)

Belkin Wi-Fi,Skype,Business VOIP phoneSkype(Belkin wifi) brought good news to international mobile calls (ISD calls) users by adding a best business voip phone to our shopping cart. Belkin wifi product will be useful to you if you want a low cost ISD calls .

Everyone in this recession period try to save from some expenditure things specifically from mobile bills as they are the communication for us around the world and from our friends circle. But when the bill comes in, the moment of sleepless nights starts. The call rates are in the clouds five years back to U.S/U.K from India, 20 rupees per minute. And they stepped down to 5 – 6 rupees per minute for past few years. In continuation to this Skype(Belkin Wi-Fi) introduced good news for international call users with newly introduced voip phone in hand held and desktop ranges, which makes your ISD call rates one rupee per minute only with Belkin wifi phones !

You can use this as Business voip phonefor your needs.To use this Skype phone you need to have a internet through Wi-Fi or a landline. Skype(Belkin wifi) automatically logs into your Skype(Belkin wifi) account and you can start calls with low rates.
Belkin Wi-Fi phonecomes in two ways

1. Desktop: for land line net connection (cost 7000/-)*
2. Handheld: just like a mobile (cost 10000/-)*

* Around rates.

Business voip phone Features:
Storage: 500 contacts storage.
General: hold, receive, mute, and redial, call-timer just like your normal mobile
Screen: TFT For better clarity.
High level voice clarity and automatic updates of software.
Security: WEP and WPA-PSK
Compatible Wi-Fi standards: 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi standards.
Talk time: 2 hours
Standby time: 30 hours

These Business voip phone facilities have been in U.S/U.K a few years back and first time in India.Skype (Belkin wifi) offers 30 Skype out minutes and free voice mail for one month for the first few users.

Drawbacks: STD calls to other mobiles are somewhat expensive.

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O hooooo, wosome offer, i wl buy it ASAP.