Most Mobiles Breath with Opera !

No one might imagine that mobiles will change the communication among people in various countries when they started their journey.
And now the mobile usage is creating new milestones in people’s regular life. You can bank ,chat with your friend from video calling services(3G),play the latest games from the internet instead of those preinstalled in your mobile when you buy, or you can listen to your favorite music just by downloading from Apple iphone store or Nokia music store from their website.
We all should agree that a better browser is always good than a previous versioned browser to use the internet properly. Browsers Play an important role in downloading, browsing or any things you do on the internet with your smartphone.Browser to mobiles is just like a fresh breath to humans because with out internet we can’t breath a single day in our life (Which every one agrees as it is a must need today’s fast life) .
OperaMini is one among those browsers. Mobile Web Report released by Opera recently gives it a boost to itself as it is used by most of the users from Top 20 countries. Opera Mini was used by 66.5 million users, in August 2010 an increase of 6.8 % and 108 % unique users, when compared with the month of July.
Data traffic increase by 134 per cent evaluated to August 2009, emphasizing the increase in Smartphone exercise, and principally the propagation of Android devices.
Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder of Opera Software said “the results are amazing and web browsing has bought about economic and social changes to citizens of many countries”.

Some notable compliments for OperaMini:

1. Find a Page is outstanding when compare to Bolt 2 and UCBrowser 7 .
2.Inline and fullscreen editing a new 'long press' feature will be useful once you find familiar using it .
3. Downloading and uploading files on Opera Mini works as well. Currently there is some server issues because uploading fails sometimes.
Phone number and email address recognition, Possibility to add custom searches are also notable gains when using OperaMini.

As per the report the top 5 countries that use the Mobile Opera Mini browser are Indonesia, Russia, India, China and the Ukraine.

Most Indian users visit using the Opera Mini Browser. The list includes, Google, Orkut and Facebook and the famous video site YouTube. The handsets that users use to access the internet were also listed with Nokia being the most preferred device.

P.S: Most of the handsets that are available in India come pre-loaded with the Opera Mini Browser. :)

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