It started with simple beeping ringtones that remotely resembled some familiar tunes, but were still lots of fun. Then, phones improved and began to feature better audio quality and could play recognizable melodies as polyphonic ringtones. MIDI tunes, for example, can be purchased or downloaded for free from the Internet. A limitation of MIDI and polyphonic music formats is that they are synthesized music and can't reproduce singing.

Fortunately, you are not limited to monotonic or polyphonic ringtones anymore, because MP3 technology allows you to have any music as your ringtone – if your phone recognizes MP3. You can purchase MP3 ringtones, or download them from your own computer for free. If you have extracted music from your CDs to listen to on the computer or on a portable MP3 player, you can use the same music on your music phone.

"Our recommendation "is to find a phone that can play MP3 ringtones. With MP3, your ringtone library can be as large as your CD collection. If an MP3 phone is out of your reach, get a phone that can play MIDI melodies, they are easily available on the Internet and if you know your notes, you can create your own MIDI as well.
"And don't forget", the ringtone you have chosen to delight innocent bystanders, even if it is the factory-set ringtone, reveals something about your personality

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