You say it is packet-based. But what's a packet?

A packet, according to SearchNetworking, is the "unit of data that is routed between an origin and a destination on the Internet or any other packet-switched network." When information is sent from one place to another, it gets broken up into smaller packets. Each packet is transmitted separately and they are reassembled at the other end. This is how it works on the Web - which explains why it allows you many more options than Circuit Switched Data (CSD).

But I still don't see why everyone is suddenly talking about it.

Well, that is because BPL Mobile recently introduced this wireless technology in India. It was introduced in Mumbai mid-January.

So, can I connect to the Net using my existing mobile phone?

Depends on whether you have a GPRS handset. Some models that allow you to use the service are: Motorola V66, Motorola P7389, Siemens ME45, Nokia 8310, Ericsson T39 and Ericsson T68.

Still need more information

I have a GPRS handset, now how do I connect to the Net?

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